Definitive Guide To CBD For PTSD

CBD and Hemp Oil As Your Solution for PTSD


If you have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), there is no doubt that you want to find solutions that are going to allow you to return to your normal self. People with this condition try many different types of treatments that range from natural approaches to taking prescriptive medicine. You may want to know what CBD and Hemp can do to help you with your condition.

Taking the Confusion Out of What CBD is

This is one of the compounds found in marijuana plants (cannabis). Its full name is cannabidiol. If you are concerned that because it’s part of the marijuana plant it is going to get you high, don’t be. The compound in the plant that causes the high is the THC. According to Project CBD, the CBD which is the resin of the plant has been used for medicinal purposes for years.

Where Does Hemp Oil Fit Into This?

Hemp oil comes from the cannabis sativa plant but this time it is the seeds that contain the hemp oil. Wikipedia offers a full explanation as to what hemp is and the many different uses it has.  The hemp seeds themselves are often used in many different types of foods like salads for example.

Which Should It Be? Hemp Oil or CBD?

There are many different cannabis sativa plant species. Each of them has its levels of CBD and Hemp oil with different levels of THC. If you are going to use either the hemp oil or the CBD to treat your PTSD, you will most likely want to use that which comes from the Industrial Hemp.

CBD Oil: This is made from the buds, leaves, and stalk of the hemp plants. The oil can come from different strains of hemp plants which produce different levels of CBD.

Hemp Oil: Comes from the seeds of the plant. The industrial hemp is the one specific plant that can be used for the extraction of the hemp oil.

How Do I Know that CBD Is Going to Help with My PTSD?

We fully understand that you are anxious to find something that is going to bring you some relief from your PTSD. It is not a condition that is pleasant to live with, and it affects all areas of your life.  You want something that is going to make you feel like life is worth living and allow you to control your emotions again. All of this and the additional PTSD symptoms are debilitating, and this is why we want to focus on what CBD and Hemp Oil as something that can help you with your PTSD.


Our research and knowledge of both these components strengthen our belief that these can be used to bring you some relief.


In most cases, the only real proof that CBD is beneficial as a treatment comes from those who have used it and enjoyed its positive effects. But, this is beginning to change, finally. Medical experts are now starting to pay some attention as to what CBD may be able to do for those with PTSD.


Some studies have been conducted by treating animals with CBD, and some findings did show that it might be something that could help with PTSD. However, to validate this, it meant studies had to be carried out in humans.  There have been several studies that have been performed this way and have showed some good results.


According to an article produced by NCBI, there is a case where CBD was used to treat a ten-year-old with PTSD.  The results were relief from some of the major symptoms such as anxiety and not being able to sleep. This youngster had been treated with traditional pharmaceutical drugs used for PTSD but only got some relief that was short lived and had to put up with some unpleasant side effects.


This was not the case with the CBD treatment. The good news is that this only one of several positive outcomes that are sited in this particular article.


Taking the Word of Others

As a person with PTSD, it must feel at times that you are the only one with this condition. Realistically you know that others do have this same problem but what counts right now is what you are dealing with. It does help to know what others are experiencing and what they may be doing to get some relief. A good resource for this is forums that are dedicated to this condition. You will most likely find that there are several that are relying on CBD as their form of treatment and getting good results.


What are the Indicators that CBD can Treat PTSD?

Chances are you have already heard that CBD can help treat PTSD, but hearing this from one or two people is still not enough to convince you.  According to Rollingstone, the CBD market is expected to hit $22 billion by 2022. Your first thought may be that this is because of the large number of marijuana users that like to smoke a joint to get high.  Remember that CBD does not have the same effects as a joint does. It does not produce that high or euphoria.


Only you are aware of what the trauma was that caused your PTSD. It is a condition that many service men and women end up with. As a result, much of the interest in CBD relates to this group of people. But, the symptoms of the PTSD they suffer from may be no different than yours. Therefore the positive results they may experience from the use of CBD could also apply to you.


Vets have a big fight on their hands to get the government to recognize the relief that CBD could bring them. A lot of the vets are resorting to the use of cannabis for some relief. There is information available by experts that recognize this and also point out the pitfalls of using cannabis in its normal form for the treatment of PTSD. According to an article in Maps, it quotes  Bon Miller saying“If you want actually to treat PTSD, most of the evidence is pointing toward CBD. But most people with PTSD are gravitating toward [marijuana] products with high THC levels, which may help in the short-term but are likely to worsen their symptoms over time.”


Why is it Possible That PTSD Could Be Treated with CBD?

Ongoing studies and research are learning more about PTSD. One such study as outlined in Science Daily that a brain image study showed a link between the cannabinoid receptors to PTSD.


Does CBD Help Nightmares?

With your PTSD one of the symptoms, you may be experiencing is nightmares. These could be related to the trauma that caused your condition, or they could be completely unrelated. Either way, they can be frightening. At the very least they are affecting the amount of proper sleep you need to get.


Healthcare in America focused on this issue in one of their articles.  This most interesting article reviews how CBD could play a role in helping to reduce or prevent nightmares.




How Does CBD Make You Feel?

You are an individual which makes you unique. So what you feel when you take CBD may be different than what another person feels. That may sound a bit scary, but the best way to understand this is by hearing what other people have experienced.


Again, keep in mind that CBD does not create the highs that using marijuana does so you won’t be walking around feeling high or sprawled out on the couch because you are lethargic.


Does CBD affect REM sleep?

REM sleep takes place during your sleep at different intervals. It is during this time that rapid eye movement takes place and when dreams and nightmares may occur. More body movement is experienced, and the heart beats faster, and breathing is more rapid. Part of your PTSD  may include more frequent REM.


A post produced by Ministry of Hemp talks about CBD oil and whether it can cause weird dreams.  This information is indicating that the blame for this may be put on the CBD oil. When really it is coming from the THC. If an individual is using pot as their resource for treating PTSD and not specifically the CBD oil.



Does Hemp oil help with anxiety?

More recognition is being given to hemp oil because hemp seeds and oil are used in many different ways. A lot of people use hemp seeds in their foods. Others use hemp oil to make edible products from. A lot of different industries are looking at hemp oil in a positive light.


A good example of this is some information provided by Chioreco. This is a site dedicated to the chiropractic community. The focus on one of their posts relates to hemp seed oil for the treatment of anxiety. There is some sound basis behind why hemp seed oil would be beneficial for anxiety. It is because this oil contains a lot of omega-3 and omega six fatty acids.


Experts like the Harvard Medical School support the concept of omega-3 fatty acids being good for mood disorders.


How does Hemp Oil help PTSD?

With your PTSD one of your symptoms may be anxiety. Knowing how hemp oil can help with anxiety, in general, may give you a greater level of confidence in the use of Hemp Oil for PTSD.


Is CBD and Hemp Oil Safe?

With there being a limited number of studies done on CBD experts are not going to commit to making a statement that it is safe. There are a lot of factors that have to be taken into account. Such as buying the oil from a trusted provider. Also, taking the proper amount.


Experts in the medical field like Web MD have provided a lot of information as to whether CBD oil is safe or not. They, of course, are not going to say it is but at the same time they are not saying it’s not. What they are suggesting is that if you want to use CBD that you should do so under the direction of a health care provider who is knowledgeable about CBD.


Hemp oil does not have as much controversy around it because it is legally recognized as being an industrial product. This is seen in the legalization of the growing of hemp as an agricultural product.


You may be thinking that because hemp is considered as a legal product, then CBD is also. This may or may not be true. It will depend on the specific State that you are in as some have legalized various forms of marijuana which may include the CBD oil.


What is the Best Way to Use These for PTSD?


Your next question may be the best way to use CBD or Hemp oil to help you manage your PTSD. You have taken the first step by gaining a further understanding of what these are about. Now your next step is to try it for yourself.


CBD comes in different forms. It may be available in:

  • Capsules
  • Sprays
  • Topical Gels
  • Lip Balms
  • Muscle Rubs
  • CBD Edibles

You will want to make sure that you are using a reputable supplier.



Hopefully, with the information that has been provided here, it will answer many of the questions that you may have had about the use of CBD and hemp oil. Or perhaps it will serve as an introduction to these compounds that you may not have been aware of in the past.

To build your confidence, you may want to simply start with some of the edibles that include hemp oil. Then once you are comfortable with this move onto to using one of the various forms of the CBD oils.

With what we have provided you with here should help you to feel that you are not alone and that there are many others who suffer from PTSD. At the same time, we want you to realize that we know that you are experiencing and feeling with your PTSD is unique to you as an individual.

The information that we have provided here will help you to understand that there are options available to you for helping to manage your condition.